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Published September 4 2023
New York City

A Letter To The Reader

Dear reader,

I am writing this letter to make you aware of how intimate our relationship is. And because the power balance is off—I am being far more vulnerable than you are. I am placing a great deal of trust in you.

You see, I am lending my characters to you. Or better yet, I am entrusting them to your care. I am ringing your doorbell, waving through the peephole, and walking off. I am leaving behind my children. I hope they entertain you. I hope they teach you something, and make you feel something. That's the most I can hope for.

Unfortunately, I can't be there to explain their words or actions. All I can do is honk the horn from outside your house and welcome them back in the my car with open arms. Then it's off to another reader's home.

So when you spent time with my characters—remember that they are real people. In fact, they are realer than me. Take them in and appreciate them for the three dimensionals rascals they are. I promise everything you give them, they will give right back to you tenfold.

Thank you.