< eL Diluvio
Published September 7 2023
New York City

Opening Night

Kathy Underweiser's daughter hasn't had a homecooked dinner in three months. Polly Tran's daughter constantly finds her own clothes in her mother's laundry hamper. Danny Fields's son sees his dad's car in the parking lot as he leaves from baseball practice everyday. Mr. Kupfer, the Drama Teacher, has had an entire section of the auditorium curtained off for the last month. Luna El-Sharawaay catcher her mom reciting lines in her sleep when she naps on the couch. Tommy DeFrancescocatches his dad practicing running his fingers through his curly hair in a way that seems eerily similar to his own nervous tick.

It's for the Senior Skit—where for one night the parents act like their kids in a play meant to recap the last four years. The writers ca only get so true to life—after all, they don't know whose son is a drug addict or bully, whose daughter was caught giving blowjobs in the bathroom or making out in the girls locker room with a teammate.

But hey, let's see what the audience thinks about themselves on the big stage.