< eL Diluvio
Published September 10 2023
New York City

The Sucker's Bargain

How can two people (some of the only two people) who still believe in love find each other? In this mindfield? Well, it's because they believe. Of course. Otherwise, what's the point of holding on?

They're fools, lonely fools until they find each other. That's if they find each other. And if life hasn't worn one or both of them to conceal the fire inside. If there's still a little flame in their eyes, then they may catch a glimpse of one another.

But can they really trust you? Their love is too raw to dole out freely. It feeds off of passion, only true passion until it grows so wild it's hard to think. So to play it safe, you've been going through the motions with someone else. And giving it away one more time? Well for starters, it feels like there's not much more to give. This time, if you don't get it back, there won't be a next time. A sucker's bargain. Taking a chance on love. But still, it's got to be worth it right?

Would you say so, my love?