< eL Diluvio
Published September 10 2023

Why I Write

Everyone in the world is dead or asleep. They're high or drunk. They're nodding off or they're out cold. Everyone is in love with the wrong person. They hate their job and the way they look. They can't fit in but they also can't stand out. They want to be anywhere but where they are. That's why they watch TV all day. That's why they go to the movies. The same way they lose themselves in the night sky, they fall for the stars on their screen. The writers have to be alive, stay alive. Awake. The only ones that are awake. At a cost of course. To be the only wide eyed soul in a world of sleepwalkers. The people don't even read anymore. The writers have to use puppets to get to them. Then they miss the point anyways. They aren't looking for the truth, they're looking for escape. Writers try to tell the truth through escape.