< eL Diluvio
Published July 8 2024
Bushwick, New York City

Ode To The Heimlich

The actor prepares
He wants what he wants
But he can barely pronounce it
Shots of tequila to keep
The imagination from running dry

Let's play pretend
As a pretty pair of stars
With a pretty pair of cars
And whatever else is ours

The Good Life feels like
July Fourth, New York
Two Cowboys, Twin Dimes
Smack That 3 (Three) Times

Unbroken lines
Right to the heart
And back to the instruments
Dueños de nuestros fantasias

The closer we get
We remember when it wasn't always like this
I just want you to know
You're my favorite

Hands On Hands On
Hands Up Hands Up
Whatever life is
We'll cross it together

Just don't let me slow down
Let's take what we want
And blow smoke at the rest
Tombstone reads WE DID IT OUR WAY

For Jose on July 4th weekend:
I know we share closets—promise me we'll share caskets.