< eL Diluvio
Published September 6 2023
New York City

Type A Dysfunction

Her dad was some king of Software Guy, shilling a scheduling app to DMVs and car dealerships across the Sun Belt. She didn't care so long as her tuition got paid and every time she called him with a "Hello Daddy" she got money in her account the next Business Day. She didn't mind listening to her mother complain about how "your father is always going off on a Business Trip" so long as her mother would hear her compain about how she bit her fingers raw and picked at her split ends because declaring A Major was A Like Life Altering Decision (It Wasn't). Her dad's affair coming to light was sort of a bummer but by then she was in Law School and far away from her spiraling mother. It wasn't until she figured out she would have to pay for it on her own that she joined in to hate The New Wife.