< eL Diluvio
July 30 2023 
Greenpoint (New York City)

Director's Notes

I want you to lose yourself in my writing, which is why there's only this small section titled Genesis where I address you in the first person to peel back the curtain. I always prefer for my characters to do all the talking.

The sections are broken up by where I feel they fit in my artistic journey. They're roughly chronological—roughly. Act I in particular extends back many, many years.

Why is it titled Original Sin? Because I feel like the work here best represents the indulgent, raw style of a novice writer. Someone who is still too tied in with their work to be able to take a step back and judge it objectively. It's sweet, it's where we all start, but it absolutely not my best. What you see published is the tip of the iceberg—there's at least ten times the amount locked away in the archives.

That didn't answer the question though. The reason it is titled Original Sin, is because the original sin of any artist is to entertain their God given impulse to create. In my case, the medium is writing—a gift and a curse that has brought me just as much pleasure as pain.

Act II represents the next stage of my artistic journey, where I feel I currently am and have been starting in 2023. It is titled Baptism, because the last couple years of life have felt like a rebirth of sorts to me—my renewed passion and work ethic for creation has elevated my talents. I am able to express myself in a way that feels more controlled and purposeful. But still, I am very much at the beginning of where I dream to go.

Sometimes I'll write things today that end up in Act I, and some things I wrote long ago were ahead of my time and end up finding their way to Act II. The label isn't about chronology, or perceived quality—it is the frame of mind I was in when I created it.

I want you to take your time to float through here, on a self guided adventure. My only desire is for you to find a piece of my writing that makes you feel as if I am reading your mind. Something that makes you feel less alone.